Week of June 1-5, 2015

Monday, June 1, 2015


1. International Day is on Thursday, June4th

2. School Picnic is Friday, June 5th

4th Grade

Assessments: Bull Run quiz (chapters 39-49) rescheduled for Monday, June 8th


Monday-figurative language packet for Bull Run

Tuesday-character analysis for Bull Run

Wednesday-vocabulary chart for Bull Run and study for Bull Run quiz

Thursday and Friday-No homework

5th Grade

Assessments: Bridge to Terabithia test (entire novel) on Friday, June 5th


Monday-chapter 9 comprehension questions and chapter 9 reading strategies

Tuesday-chapter 10 and 11 comprehension questions and chapter 10 and 11 reading strategies

Wednesday-chapter 12 comprehension questions and chapter 12 reading strategies

Thursday-chapter 13 chapter  comprehension questions and chapter 13 reading strategies (also, review for the novel test).

Friday-No homework

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