May 18th -22, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015

4th Grade


Thursday-Bull Run quiz chapters (25-30)


Monday-complete scene from Bull Run (select any chapter to create a scene using the vivid details provided in the story)

Tuesday-Compass Learning (complete Summer homework opinion draft-due Thursday)

Wednesday-reread chapters 25-30 to prepare for Bull Run quiz (complete Summer homework opinion draft-due Thursday)

Thursday and Friday-Final Draft due on Wednesday (May 27th) Summer Homework opinion

5th Grade


Friday-Chapters 1-4 Bridge to Terabithia


Monday-Compass Learning

Tuesday-complete chapters 1-2 Reading comprehension questions and Compass Learning.

Wednesday-Compass Learning-1 hour and complete 1st rough draft-Should we have summer homework? (due on Friday, May 22nd)

Thursday-Summer Homework rough draft #1 and comprehension questions 3-4.

Friday-No homework

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