May 11-15, 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015


1. Return field trip slips by Tuesday, May 12, 2015 (field trip is on Thursday, May 28th)

2. Please purchase or borrow your Bridge to Terabithia books by Wednesday, May 13th (5th Grade)

4th Grade

Monday-1 Hour of Compass Learning and Bull Run Character Analysis

Tuesday-Bull Run Character Analysis and timeline

Wednesday-Bull Run Character Analysis and Jr. Scholastic opinion about Summer Homework (make sure to include textual evidence).

Thursday-Bull Run Character Analysis and figurative language activities for Bull Run (due on Thursday, May 21st)

Friday-No homework! Have a blast this weekend!

5th Grade

Assessments: final project for Hatchet (journal of events) due on Thursday, May 14th.

Monday-1 Hour of Compass Learning and Hatchet project (see below)

5th Grade Hatchet Final Project

Make a journal of events of the things that happen to Brian during his survival experience. Draw pictures to illustrate the major events or new things learned. Your journal should be at least five pages. You will be graded on conventions, content, neatness, accuracy of events from the story. This project is 100 Points. Your final project is due on Thursday, May 14, 2015.

Distributed May 6, 2015

Tuesday-Hatchet project (due on Thursday, May 14th)

Wednesday-Hatchet project (due on Thursday, May 14th)

Thursday-Compass Learning-1 Hour Reading

Friday-No homework! Have a blast this weekend!


5th Grade–Bridge to Terabithia-First Day of School Fashion Show

On Monday, May 18th, come dressed to class as if it’s your first day of school. We will take a class picture. Some discussion points we will cover in class:

What it is like to come to a new school?

What are fashion trends on the first day of school?

What do you think about the school dress code?

Are people treated differently because of the clothes they wear?

How do your clothes show your personality?

Have you ever felt different because of your clothing?



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