January 5-9, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome Back!!! Happy new year!!


1. Spelling Bee is this week! (5th grade Tuesday/4th grade-Wednesday)

2. Please return your Wednesday folders.

3. Please return your Progress Reports.

4th Grade


Writing-Unit 8 Vocabulary Test is Friday, Jan. 9th

Reading-Test for Chapters 5-7 From the Mixed Up Files… is Friday, January 9th

Social Studies-New York Project (due on Wednesday, January 21) Guidelines distributed Wednesday


Monday-Unit 8 Vocabulary Workshop and study for Spelling Bee (Classroom Spelling Bee is Wednesday, Jan. 7th); also, complete chapter 5 reading in From the Mixed Up Files.

Tuesday-From the Mixed Up Files (Chapter 5 and 6 comprehension questions) and Unit 8 Vocabulary Workshop; Junior Scholastic 2015 Ten New Terms to Know (read page 8 and 9 and complete graphic organizer); study for Classroom Spelling Bee

Wednesday-From the Mixed Up Files chapter 7 comprehension questions

Thursday-Study for From the Mixed Up Files test and Unit 8 Vocabulary Workshop test; Junior Scholastic Debate: Should Schools Start Later? (page 20 and 21 and graphic organizer)

Friday-Have a great weekend!!

5th Grade


The Egypt Game test (chapters 17-19) -Friday, Jan. 9th

Chapter 2 Ancient Egypt-Thursday, Jan. 8th

Unit 8 Vocabulary-Friday, January 16th

(Reminder: Independent Reading Logs are due on January 9th)


Monday-study for Spelling Bee (Classroom Spelling Bee is Tuesday, Jan. 6th; Unit 8 Vocabulary Workshop

Tuesday- Chapter 2 Ancient Review Page 74   1-15; Unit 8 Vocabulary Workshop

Wednesday-Comprehension questions The Egypt Game ch. 15-17 and Chapter 2 Review Page 74   and 75  16-23. 

Thursday-Unit 8; Comprehension questions The Egypt Game ch. 18 and 19  and study for tests.

Friday-Friday-Have a great weekend!!


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