January 26-30, 2014

Monday, January 26, 2015


1. Please return blue or red home folders with your parent’s signature.

2. Friday, January 30th will be a regular school attendance day for students.

3. Quarterly Book Logs and Compass Learning Logs are due on Thursday, January 29th.

4. Extra credit is due by Thursday, January 29th. (Review of Literacy Night-1/2 page, Book Report-1 page, Commentary on any Jr. Scholastic article-1/2 page)

4th Grade Assessments:

Thursday, Jan. 29th-From the Mixed Up Files project is due.

Friday, Jan. 30th-test on the novel From the Mixed Up Files

Friday-Unit 9 Vocabulary Workshop test

4th Grade Homework:

Monday through Thursday-complete Unit 9 Vocabulary Workshop-it is due on Friday, January 30th and work on the project for From the Mixed Up Files.

Thursday-Unit 9 vocabulary is due, study for tests: The Mixed UP Files and Unit 9, and Jr. Scholastic Map skills

5th Grade Assessments:

Tuesday, January 27-quiz on chapters 22 and 23 The Egypt Game

Friday, January 30th-Unit 9 Vocabulary Workshop test

Friday, January 30th-novel test for The Egypt Game

Friday, February 13th-Project for The Egypt Game is due

5th Grade Homework:

Monday-Chapter 22 and 23 comprehension questions and word search, Unit 9 Vocabulary Workshop (due on January 30th), and work on The Egypt Game project (due Feb. 13th)

Tuesday-Unit 9 Vocabulary, work on project

Wednesday-1 Hour Compass Learning, Unit 9 Vocabulary, work on project

Thursday-final draft of casting director poster for The Egypt Game is due on Monday if not submitted in class on Friday, Unit 9 Vocabulary, and work on The Egypt Game project

Friday-work on The Egypt Game project



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