September 29, 2014-October 3, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014
Important Notes:
1.) Your child was given a Compass Learning Login on Curriculum Night.  There has been a change with Compass Learning Logins.  The password is the same as your Child’s Login ID. (i.e. Login: EGJones / Password: EGJones)Please also make sure that you change school from Odyssey to Lenart. Please email me if you are still unable to log on. The website is
2.) Please return all Wednesday folders after checking your child’s papers and signing the folder.
3.) Walk-a-Thon is on Friday (October 3, 2014) at 1:00 PM. Let’s all raise funds for our school by participating.
4.) Bus Evacuation Drill is Tuesday, September 30, 2014
5.) If you missed curriculum night, the welcome letter and course syllabus is attached for both 4th and 5th grade.
6.) Here are a few websites to assist students with practicing summarizing texts, writing conventions, etc. 
4th Grade
Content: Author’s purpose, synonyms and antonyms, comparing/contrasting individuals, notetaking strategies, creating timelines, and forming opinions with reasons and concluding statements.
Assessments: Vocabulary Unit 2 test is on Friday, October 3, 2014. “Gandhi” selection test is on Friday, October 3, 2014. 
Monday (9/29/14)-ELA-Unit 2 vocabulary (complete the unit)
Tuesday (9/30/14)-SS-reading selection about Rosa Parks (add annotations-at least 3); ELA-study for Unit 2 vocabulary test
Wednesday (10/01/14) -SS-reading selection about Gandhi;  ELA-study for Unit 2 vocabulary test
Thursday 10/02/14)-ELA-study for Unit 2 vocabulary test and complete the unit. Re-read “Gandhi” (test on Friday for “Gandhi and Unit 2 vocabulary)
Friday (10/03/14)-No homework; have an excellent weekend!!! Test for Unit 2 and “Gandhi”
5th grade
Content: quoting accurately from texts, demonstrating command of Standard English when writing and presenting, understanding author’s persepective, forming an opinion with supporting reasons, using research skills to summarize or paraphrase texts
Assessments: ELA-Unit 2 Vocabulary test is on Friday, Oct. 3rd. ELA-“Toward a Rainbow Nation” text selection test is on Tuesday, October 7th. Social Studies culture project (test grade) is due on Tuesday, Sept. 30th.
Monday 9/29/14-SS-complete culture project; ELA-Unit 2 vocabulary should be completed by Wednesday, Oct. 1st.
Tuesday 9/30/14-ELA-study for Unit 2 Vocabulary Workshop test (test is Friday, Oct. 3rd) SS culture project is due today!
Wednesday 10/01/14 -SS-Jr. Scholastic pages 6-9 (Sept. 15th edition) complete the questions on page 9 (national story “All Alone.”) ELA-complete all questions for “Toward a Rainbow Nation” after completing the selection on pages 555-558. Page 559 questions: Respond and Think Critically, Vocabulary, and Academic Vocabulary.
Thursday 10/02/14-SS-Jr. Scholastic pages 16-19 (Sept. 15th edition) and complete the questions on page 19 (international story “The Un-United Kingdom”); study for Unit 2 test and complete Vocabulary Workshop.
Friday 10/03/14-No homework; have an excellent weekend!!! Vocabulary test for Unit 2 is today.

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