Week of May 27-30, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

4th Grade

Monday-Enjoy your Memorial Day holiday!!!

Tuesday-class cancelled: 5th grade field trip

WednesdayNo homework

Thursday-class cancelled: 4th grade choir trip

Friday-Work on character descriptions for Bull Run.

5th Grade

Monday-Enjoy your Memorial Day holiday!!!

Tuesday-Unit 15 vocabulary: test is on Friday, May 30th; Read the following chapters “Summoned by the Mighty Ones” and “The Return to Egypt” from The Egypt Game.

Wednesday-complete Setting/Poster compare and contrast essay-draft #2-due on Friday; complete “Elizabethan Diplomacy”  from The Egypt Game. Also, complete Unit 15 vocabulary unit. Complete Part B Five Comprehension Questions and Journal Activity.

Thursday-Read the follow chapters: “The Oracle Speaks” and “Where is Security?” from The Egypt Game. Write annotations for the two chapters. Complete Unit 15 and draft #2 for Setting poster.

Friday-Have an awesome weekend!!!

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