Week of May 19-23, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

4th Grade

Monday-Write a paragraph from Bull Run in which you put yourself in one of the first four character’s shoes. Include your thoughts, feelings, and attitude about the conflict between the North and South.

Tuesday-Complete 2nd rough draft using peer editing checklist.

Wednesday-Complete final draft using peer editing checklist (due Thursday). Complete vocabulary activity for Bull Run (due Friday).

Thursday-Comprehension questions for Bull Run and vocabulary activities.

Friday-Have an outstanding weekend!!!

5th Grade

Monday and Tuesday-Complete the 2nd draft essay for The Egypt Game Opinion Essay using the peer editing checklist and prediction chart. (due Wednesday)

Wednesday-Unit 15 vocabulary and comprehension check questions for The Egypt Game.

Thursday-final draft essay is due on Friday. Work on Unit 15 Vocabulary Workshop.

Friday-Final draft of Opinion Essay is due. Have an outstanding weekend!



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