Week of March 17-21, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014


5th Grade


*Hot Food Day-Friday, March 21st

*Kenwood Field Trip-Tuesday, March 18th  (bring lunches)

*Assessments-Hatchet novel test is Friday, March 21st; Unit 11 Vocabulary test is Friday, March 21st; Jr. Scholastic Test is Tuesday, March 25th.

Monday-Page 9 and page 14 in Jr. Scholastic; Unit 11 Vocabulary Workshop (due Friday, March 21, 2014)

Tuesday-Country Match Up and Study Smarts Jr. Scholastic worksheet; Hatchet packet; Unit 11 Vocabulary

Wednesday-Page 16 Jr. Scholastic magazine; Unit 11 Vocabulary

Thursday-Review questions for the novel Hatchet; Cartoon Analysis for Jr. Scholastic; study for Hatchet test and vocabulary test; Vocabulary Workshop is due on Friday, March 21st; Junior Scholastic magazine is due on Tuesday, March 25th-Quiz over Junior Scholastic is Tuesday also.

FridayHatchet novel test; Unit 11 Vocabulary test

Have an awesome weekend!!!

4th Grade

Monday-Page 9 questions  in Junior Scholastic magazine; independent reading (Please remember to bring in a cereal box for your group)

Tuesday-Page 14 Questions in Jr. Scholastic; independent reading

Wednesday-Worksheet for Jr. Scholastic (questions and crossword); independent reading

Thursday-Study for Jr. Scholastic Quiz; Quiz is Friday, March 21st.

Friday-Have an awesome weekend!!!

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