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1. The Book Fair starts April 4th

2. Report Card pick up day is Monday, April 7th, 2014 11am-6pm (teacher’s lunch-3-4PM)

3. Picture Day is April 11, 2014

4. Spring Break starts April 12-20, 2014

5. NWEA testing begins May 5, 2015

4th Grade Homework

Monday and Tuesday-work on first draft essay answering the prompt: How has (Claudia/Jamie) changed? Your rough draft should include textual evidence explaining how one of the two characters changed from the beginning of the story to the end (their personality, thoughts, mindset, behaviors, etc.). The first rough draft is due on Wednesday. Please bring the draft to school Tuesday to work on.

Wednesday and Thursday-Make revisions to the first draft essay and complete the second draft essay. The second draft is due on Friday.  The final draft is due on Wednesday, April 9th. Complete Jr. Scholastic Activities.

Friday-Jr. Scholastic quiz

Have a great weekend!!

5th Grade Homework

Monday and Tuesday-make revisions and edits to final draft Hatchet (Write an essay that Brian writes at the beginning of school entitled “What I Did on My Summer Vacation.” The final draft is due Wednesday with a cover page.

Wednesday-Final draft Hatchet is due. Complete Unit 12 Vocabulary Workshop.

Thursday-Complete Junior Scholastic and Unit 12 vocabulary. Study for Jr. Scholastic test and Unit 12 vocabulary test.

Friday-Jr. Scholastic Test and Unit 12 Vocabulary test.

Have a great weekend!





Monday-Music, Tuesday-French, Wednesday-Gym, Thursday-Latin, Friday-Music


1. End of the quarter is Friday, March 28th

2. Unit 12 Vocabulary test is April 2, 2014

5th Grade

Monday-complete essay

Tuesday-ELA-Unit 12 Vocabulary and complete two discussion questions as well as your essay from Monday discussion questions:

A.    What is the significance of the title? Why would Gary Paulsen have chosen “Hatchet” as the name of his book? What does the hatchet symbolize? 

B.     Is the ending a surprise or predictable? Does the end unfold naturally? Or is it forced, heavy handed, or manipulative? Is the ending satisfying, or would you prefer a different ending?           

Wednesday-ELA-Unit 12 and SS-Jr. Scholastic for March 31st-The Ivory War questions page 9

Thursday-ELA-2nd rough draft Hatchet essay.

Friday-No homework

Have a fabulous weekend!

4th Grade

Monday-no homework

Tuesday-ELA-“Heritage or Hate”-what does the Confederate flag represent? (Research to uncover the history)

SS-Read “Hot Spots” page  14 and  complete “It’s War” questions on page 11.

Wednesday-Jr. Scholastic Jr. Read “Danger Zone” and complete The Back Page; also bring in research about the Confederate flag

Thursday-Cereal presentations are today; Jr. Scholastic worksheet

Friday-No homework


5th Grade


*Hot Food Day-Friday, March 21st

*Kenwood Field Trip-Tuesday, March 18th  (bring lunches)

*Assessments-Hatchet novel test is Friday, March 21st; Unit 11 Vocabulary test is Friday, March 21st; Jr. Scholastic Test is Tuesday, March 25th.

Monday-Page 9 and page 14 in Jr. Scholastic; Unit 11 Vocabulary Workshop (due Friday, March 21, 2014)

Tuesday-Country Match Up and Study Smarts Jr. Scholastic worksheet; Hatchet packet; Unit 11 Vocabulary

Wednesday-Page 16 Jr. Scholastic magazine; Unit 11 Vocabulary

Thursday-Review questions for the novel Hatchet; Cartoon Analysis for Jr. Scholastic; study for Hatchet test and vocabulary test; Vocabulary Workshop is due on Friday, March 21st; Junior Scholastic magazine is due on Tuesday, March 25th-Quiz over Junior Scholastic is Tuesday also.

FridayHatchet novel test; Unit 11 Vocabulary test

Have an awesome weekend!!!

4th Grade

Monday-Page 9 questions  in Junior Scholastic magazine; independent reading (Please remember to bring in a cereal box for your group)

Tuesday-Page 14 Questions in Jr. Scholastic; independent reading

Wednesday-Worksheet for Jr. Scholastic (questions and crossword); independent reading

Thursday-Study for Jr. Scholastic Quiz; Quiz is Friday, March 21st.

Friday-Have an awesome weekend!!!