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1. Spirit Week

Monday-work out gear

Tuesday-high school or college day or neon colors

Wednesday-crazy socks or shoes

Thursday-Pajamas  or lounge clothes

Friday-Spirit Day-wear Lenart gear or Lenart colors

2. Field trip is Friday, Feb. 28th Road to Freedom

3. ISAT testing starts next week

4. Special Class Schedule:






4th Grade

Monday-Wednesday-Six Flags Reading Log, Black History Month project, and Map Reading

Wednesday-Black History Month project is due

Thursday-Junior Scholastic

Friday-Have a great weekend!

5th Grade

Monday-Six Flags Reading log, complete rough draft #1 Black History Month project

Tuesday-Black History Month rough draft #2 is due; Six Flags Reading Log

Wednesday-work on Black History Month Project final draft and Six Flags Reading Log


Friday-Have a great weekend!


Students and Parents, apologies for our website being down. It’s back up and running now!


1. Hot Fun Lunch is on Friday, Feb. 21, 2014

2. Our field trip is on Feb. 28th-Friday (Please make your payments and return permission slips on Friday, Feb.21st)

3. Please check your child’s folder for the note regarding the LSC parent vacancy. (the letter was distributed today)

4th grade

Monday-Wednesday-1. Work on Black History Month project 2. Complete pages 34-36 in From the Mixed Up Files…novel. 3. Complete at least 3 Map-Reading activities 4. Independent Reading-complete the reading log as well.

Thursday-(bring in resources-articles, books, magazines, etc. for your Black History Month project-we will work on the project in class on Friday)

1. complete pages 34-36 in packet From the Mixed Up Files...

2. read pages 22 and 23 in Jr. Scholastic and complete questions 1-10

3. work on at least 3 Map-Reading activities and complete independent reading logs

Friday-6 Flags Reading Log-Great AmericaNo homework-Have a great weekend!

5th grade

Thursday-Complete at least 3 Map-Reading activities, Independent Reading logs, and  Black History Month project first draft is due on Friday.

Friday-6 Flags Reading Log-Great AmericaNo homework-Have a great weekend!

This week’s schedule






This week’s reminders:

1. return report cards with parent signatures

2. No school on Wednesday-Lincoln’s birthday observance

3. Student of the Month breakfast is Feb. 14th at 8:15 am

4. LPCG Parent/Child Sweetheart Dance is 6-7:30 PM

5. Hot Fun Day lunch money is due on Friday, Feb. 14th


Monday and Tuesday-ELA-Unit 10 vocabulary Workshop; SS-Scholastic News-work on completing the January 13th Jr. Scholastic magazine article and exercises forpages 9, 14, and 16 (the magazine is due on Friday, Feb. 14th. The quiz for the magazine is on Friday, Feb. 14th.)


Wednesday-No school: Lincoln Holiday observance

Thursday-Study for Jr. Scholastic quiz (Jan. 13th edition); complete unit 10 vocabulary unit (test is Friday, Feb. 21)

Friday-Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Work on Black History Month project (due Feb. 27th)

Assessments: SS-Jr. Scholastic Friday (Jan. 13th edition)


Monday-page 26 and 31 in From the Mixed Up Files…packet

Tuesday-Jr. Scholastic-complete map skills, political cartoon and words to know activities

Wednesday-Lincoln Holiday observance

Thursday-Study for chapter 7 and 8 spelling, vocabulary and comprehension test. Test is on Friday, Feb. 14th (work on Black History Month Project-due on Feb. 26th)

Friday-Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Work on Black History Month project (due Feb. 27th)

Assessments-Spelling, Vocabulary, and Chapters 7-10 Friday, Feb. 14th

SS-Jr. Scholastic Quiz is on Tuesday, Feb18th

5th Grade Schedule


1. Return report cards signed by parents

2. Pom Competition is on Friday at 4PM Corliss H.S.

3. Hot Fun Lunch Money is due on Feb. 14 and Hot Fun Lunch Day is Feb. 21 (Home Run Inn)

4. No school Feb. 12th-Lincoln Holiday Observance

5. Chess Competition is 9am-3:30 PM Feb. 8@ Clemente H.S.

6. Please look for the following: Feb. calendar, Hot Fun Lunch Day forms (sent home on Monday 2/03/14)

4th Grade

Monday-ELA-study for quiz on chapters 5 and 6; independent reading for 20 minutes; and study for Vocabulary/Spelling test. (complete Readers Response if not completed in class)

Tuesday-ELA-Study for Vocabulary/Spelling test,  SS-complete text to self connections

Wednesday-ELA-Chapter 7 comprehension questions; Jr. Scholastic pages 8-11 (complete map questions on page 11)

Thursday-ELA-Complete Readers Response, text to self connections

Have a great weekend!!!

Assessments: chapter 5 and 6 test From the Mixed Up Files-Tuesday, Feb. 4th

Spelling and Vocabulary test are on Weds., Feb. 5th


5th Grade

Schedule: Monday-Gym, Tuesday-Latin, Wednesday-Music, Thursday-French, Friday-Gym

Monday-ELA-complete chapter 7 and 8 Comprehension check questions; work on Unit 9 Vocabulary; SS-Read pages 6-8 and complete page 9 questions.

Tuesday-ELA-Read and complete chapter 9 Hatchet comprehension questions; text to self connections

Wednesday-ELA-complete Unit 9 Vocabulary workshop and chapter 9 Hatchet vocabulary context questions; SS-Jr. Scholastic page 14 (complete questions)

Thursday-ELA-study for Unit 9 Vocabulary test; SS-text to self connections; Jr. Scholastic-page 16 (complete questions)

All Jr. Scholastic assignments are due on Friday, Feb.14th

Assessments: Chapter 7 and 8 test on Tuesday, Feb. 4th

Vocabulary test is on Friday, Feb. 7th