January 20-24, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


1.) Hot Food Day is on Thursday, Jan. 23rd

2.) 2nd Quarter ends on Thursday, Jan. 23rd

3.) Please turn in Box Tops for Education

4.)No school on Friday, Jan. 24th

5.) Students should be reading independently each day for at least 20-45 minutes

EXTRA CREDIT: How would Malala describe going to school in the United Kingdom? (this requires researching school systems, customs/traditions, and laws  in the U.K) 50 Points EC

4th Grade

Monday-No School: Dr. King holiday

Tuesday-ELA–complete two vocabulary activities for the packet for the book From the Mixed Up…The vocabulary activities are due on Wednesday and the vocabulary test is on Thursday. Also, read chapters 3 and 4-reading test for chapters 3 and 4 is Thursday.

SS-Test on Unstoppable Jr. Scholastic is Wednesday.

Wednesday-SS-“We Find Our Courage Again”-Reading a primary source skills sheet and “Malala’s Story”-Cause and Effect skills sheets. ELA-complete 3 and 4 reading and writing activities.¬†

Thursday-Museum project-due on February 14. See project guidelines.

Friday-No school: have a spectacular weekend!!!

5th Grade

Monday-No School: Dr. King Holiday

Tuesday-SS-complete Jr. Scholastic magazine (The BACK PAGE) and review news stories for test on Wednesday, Jan. 22nd.

ELA-read chapters 5 and 6 in Hatchet, complete the questions in the packet, complete unit 8 Vocabulary Workshop (Unit 8 test is on Thursday and test for Hatchet chapters 5 and 6 is on Thursday)

Wednesday-Complete Unit 8 Vocabulary Workshop and complete chapter 5 and 6 writing activities.

Thursday-Unit 9 Vocabulary workshop

Friday-No School

Have an extraordinary weekend!!!


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