January 13-17, 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014

Spelling Bee-Congratulations to Spelling Bee Finalists Lillian Ryan and Cindy Mei. They will be representing our classroom tomorrow in the School-wide Spelling Bee. Best of luck to you!!!

Box Tops for Education-Please send Box Tops to school so that we can receive additional funding for our school.

Latin Blog-The website for Latin is LatinatLenart (Latin Blog). Students will have a test on Wednesday in Latin.

Holiday Thanks-Many thanks for all the thoughtful gifts. I appreciate your generosity and have FINALLY completed all the Thank You cards. Please know that I am very to have such caring students and families.  Sincere thanks to ALL of you for thinking of me over the holiday season. 🙂

Hot Fun Lunch-Due date for money with form is Jan. 17th. Hot Fun Lunch is Pops on Thursday, January 23, 2014.

Changes to the Calendar-Please look for a letter from the school regarding changes to the calendar. It will be sent home on Tuesday, Jan. 14th.

5th Grade Homework

Monday-ELA:Work on Unit 8 Vocabulary (Test is Thursday, January 23rd), and read independently. SS-Scholastic Jr. Pages 2, 3, 14 (complete the 5 ?s)

Tuesday-ELA-Hatchet packet, Unit 8 Vocabulary. SS-no homework

Wednesday-ELA-Hatchet Packet, Unit 8 Vocabulary. SS-Scholastic Jr. pages 5-9 and complete questions on page 9.

Thursday-Tuesday-ELA-Hatchet packet, Unit 8 Vocabulary. SS-text to self, media, world connections. Test on Hatchet chapters 1-4.

Friday-Have a great weekend!!!

4th Grade Homework

Monday-ELA-independent reading, complete chapter 1 of From the Mixed Up Files…SS-Scholastic Jr. Unstoppable (pp. 6-9)

Tuesday-ELA-From the Mixed Up Files…comprehension packet; SS-none

Wednesday-From the Mixed Up Files…comprehension packet; Jr. Scholastic activity

Thursday-ELA- comprehension packet-complete one vocabulary activity. Test on chapters 1-2 From The Mixed Up Files… (Vocabulary and Spelling test is on Thursday, Jan. 23.

Friday-Have a great weekend!!!



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