week of October 14, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

5th Grade


*Hot Food Day is on Friday.

*We are still collecting cell phones (goal is to collect 15)


ELA: Independent Reading Response Sheet is due on Weds.

SS. Jr. Scholastic-due Weds.  Pages 4-7 (what other world leader do you think should be included in this section? Write a one page profile of the person telling their accomplishments or failures while in office.)


ELA:  Complete text to self, world and media from article “Hard at Work” and start Unit 3

SS: Determine which Native American tribe you would like to research. Write a short paragraph detailing why you selected that particular tribe.


ELA:  Unit 3 Vocabulary and Independent Reading Response (first three boxes in 5.2)

SS: Text to self, world and media Connections-This Day in History (History Channel–The Long March and Guggenheim Museum Opens)

Friday-No homework! Have an awesome weekend!!!

4th Grade


SS: Write one page about what life in ancient Egypt would have been like during Akhenaton’s rule. (Jr. Scholastic page 10-12). Jr. Scholastic is due on Thursday, Oct. 17.

ELA: write about a shocking or embarrassing time from two different points of view. The first sample is written in first person point of view. The second sample is written in third person point of view. Include pronouns in both samples


ELA: Point of View Practice

SS: Illinois activities *poem and word unscramble


ELA: no homework

SS: Most Wanted Poster ( Create a sketch of yourself for a Most Wanted Poster. Your Most Wanted poster should include something you are notorious for. For example, Most WANTED for (leaving cookie crumbs on the kitchen table…always drinking all the milk…forgetting to take out the trash…huge emphasis on NEAT writing…always singing in class…keeping the neatest desk and locker)

Possible ideas to include:

reward offered, summary of reason you are most wanted and wanted dead or alive

Friday: No homework! Have a great weekend!!!

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