Week of Sept. 30-October 4, 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

5th Grade

Social Studies

Skills:  determining main ideas, understanding how our knowledge of the past helps us understand our world, activating prior knowledge

SWBAT: determine the main ideas of historical events, develop classroom routines for the week, participate in group discussions, connect text to world, self, and media.

Standards: RI.5.2, W.6.1


Skills: make inference’s about the author’s decision in a text, using direct quotations, ask and answer questions based on text, use prior knowledge when answering questions while reading,

SWBAT: Use textual evidence to make inferences

Standards:  RI.5.1

Reminders: Please pay your school fees, return your progress reports-signed, and return incentive/consequences plan-signed

Monday:  S.S.-Complete page 15/16 in Scholastic News and ELA-complete first rough draft Good Samaritan (both are due on Tuesday)

Tuesday: Unit 2 (due on Friday, Oct. 11th)

Wednesday: ELA: Independent Reading (informational text–making inferences). SS Native American Tribes

Thursday: SS: Native American Tribes and ELA-Informational text comprehension questions

Friday: Good Samaritan is due on Tuesday, October 8th. Today is assessment on using textual evidence to make inferences

Have a great weekend!!!

4th grade

Social Studies

Main ideas/skills:  developing rules and activating prior knowledge

SWBAT: working in groups, order historical events, reflect on historical events

Standards: W.4.10, SL.4.2, RI4.2.


Main ideas/Skills: Identify the text structure of poems, dramas, and prose

Monday-No homework

Tuesday-Read independently for 30 minutes and complete Independent Reading Response Chart. SS: complete This Day in History enrichment (3 prompts-see SS link at top of page

Independent Reading Response Sheet



Wednesday-(folders should be returned with parent signatures) SS-Illinois History

Thursday-SS: speech about Illinois and comprehension questions. ELA-Pros, poetry and drama activities

Friday-No Homework! Have a wonderful weekend





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