Sept.2-6, 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

5th Grade

I sure hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend!!!

Parents, guardians, and students,

Please return the following forms: emergency form, media consent, lunch application and $100 school fee by Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2013.

5th grade

Monday-No school: Labor Day Holiday

TuesdayELA: Complete draft #2 (Butterflies In My Stomach) using peer editing checklist. SS-Complete Junior Scholastic Fire In New York.

WednesdayELA: Work on final draft (Butterflies In My Stomach). Final draft is due on Monday, Sept. 9, 2013.  (Submit your final draft in the following order-cover page, final draft, draft #2, draft #1, and peer editing checklist). SS-Analyze an ad featuring a celebrity. Write about the following questions: Why do you think the company may have chosen that particular star? Is the person a good match? Do you think the star uses the product they are promoting? Does the ad make you want to purchase the product?

ThursdayELA: Complete page 34 in Literature book (After You Read). Study for Amigo Brothers Selection Test by re-reading the text. S.S.-Current event with article attached.

Friday-Assessment on Amigo Brothers short story.

4th Grade:

Tuesday: ELA: Complete rough draft #1 (A Time You Were in a Pickle). Include figurative language and story elements: characters, setting, and plot.

Wednesday: S.S: Jr. Scholastic “Let Freedom Ring” (Write a reflection based on the discussion prompt)

ELA: Independent Reading Response Sheet (checking for understanding of text)

Thursday: S.S. Jr. Scholastic Magazine is due on Monday, Sept. 9th

ELA: Complete Rough draft #2 using Peer Editing Checklist (A Time you Were in a Pickle)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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