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5th Grade

Social Studies

Skills:  determining main ideas, understanding how our knowledge of the past helps us understand our world, activating prior knowledge

SWBAT: determine the main ideas of historical events, develop classroom routines for the week, participate in group discussions, connect text to world, self, and media.

Standards: RI.5.2, W.6.1


Skills: make inference’s about the author’s decision in a text, using direct quotations, ask and answer questions based on text, use prior knowledge when answering questions while reading,

SWBAT: Use textual evidence to make inferences

Standards:  RI.5.1

Reminders: Please pay your school fees, return your progress reports-signed, and return incentive/consequences plan-signed

Monday:  S.S.-Complete page 15/16 in Scholastic News and ELA-complete first rough draft Good Samaritan (both are due on Tuesday)

Tuesday: Unit 2 (due on Friday, Oct. 11th)

Wednesday: ELA: Independent Reading (informational text–making inferences). SS Native American Tribes

Thursday: SS: Native American Tribes and ELA-Informational text comprehension questions

Friday: Good Samaritan is due on Tuesday, October 8th. Today is assessment on using textual evidence to make inferences

Have a great weekend!!!

4th grade

Social Studies

Main ideas/skills:  developing rules and activating prior knowledge

SWBAT: working in groups, order historical events, reflect on historical events

Standards: W.4.10, SL.4.2, RI4.2.


Main ideas/Skills: Identify the text structure of poems, dramas, and prose

Monday-No homework

Tuesday-Read independently for 30 minutes and complete Independent Reading Response Chart. SS: complete This Day in History enrichment (3 prompts-see SS link at top of page

Independent Reading Response Sheet


Wednesday-(folders should be returned with parent signatures) SS-Illinois History

Thursday-SS: speech about Illinois and comprehension questions. ELA-Pros, poetry and drama activities

Friday-No Homework! Have a wonderful weekend





5th Grade

*Please return your incentives and consequences sheet with your parent’s signature

*Please collect money for Walk-a-Thon

*Please submit $100 school fees


ELA: Unit 1 Vocabulary Unit is due on (Sept. 27th-Vocabulary tests are bi-weekly). The first vocabulary test is on Friday, Sept. 27th.

SS-Jr. Scholastic is due on Friday, Sept. 20th, Rights poster is due on Friday, Sept. 20th

Parents: Reminder-your letter is due on Tuesday Sept. 17, 2013 (Getting to Know My Child)


ELA: read The Good Samaritan and complete Respond and Think Critically questions on page 83.


ELA: Comprehension worksheet

SS-work on Rights Poster and Jr. Scholastic


ELA: Read for 30 minutes. Independent Reading Response Sheet #2 is due on Monday, Sept. 23rd.

SS-work on Rights Poster and Jr. Scholastic

Friday-No homework!!! Have a relaxing weekend 🙂

4th Grade


ELA-List things you could do to help wildlife like Alejandro

SS-desert brochure is due on Friday, Sept. 20

Parents: Reminder-your letter is due on Tuesday Sept. 17, 2013 (Getting to Know My Child)


ELA-graphic organizer on story elements for Alejandro’s Gift.

SS-desert brochure is due on Friday, Sept. 20


ELAAlejandro’s Gift Comprehension Check

SS-desert brochure is due on Friday, Sept. 20


ELA-study for test on Alejandro’s Gift (reread, check for understanding, go over assignments). Selection test is on Friday, Sept. 20th.

SS-desert brochure is due on Friday, Sept. 20

Friday-No homework!!! Have a relaxing weekend 🙂



5th Grade

This week (Thursday) we will have our first Art Session. Our art classes will be held on Thursdays from 10-11.  Ms.Tepper is our art teacher and she works for South Chicago Art Center.

Thursday is Open House from 6-7:30PM. We look forward to seeing our parents Thursday.

Please submit lunch applications and $100 school fees.

Monday-Complete Independent Reading Response Sheet and complete final draft narrative essay (Butterflies in My Stomach). (ELA)

Tuesday-Complete pages 15-20 in Read and Write workbook (ELA). Write 1/2 page essay on What are human rights? (S.S.)

Wednesday– Amigo Brothers Literature textbook (page 35). Research a specific right you would like to present to the class (women’s rights, right of expression, education, privacy, political, etc.) Read about the right and print the article from the internet.

ThursdayAmigo Brothers selection test in ELA

Friday-No homework. Have a great weekend!

4th Grade

Monday and Tuesday-complete final draft (ELA)

Wednesday-Page 345 Questions: 1,2,5,6 in Imangine It textbook (ELA). Research a specific southwestern region of the U.S. (Colorado, Arizona, Utah, etc.) and present your findings to the class on Thursday. (print article)

Thursday-No homework (Open House Night)

Friday-selection test: Alejandro’s Gift

No homework. Have a great weekend!



5th Grade

I sure hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend!!!

Parents, guardians, and students,

Please return the following forms: emergency form, media consent, lunch application and $100 school fee by Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2013.

5th grade

Monday-No school: Labor Day Holiday

TuesdayELA: Complete draft #2 (Butterflies In My Stomach) using peer editing checklist. SS-Complete Junior Scholastic Fire In New York.

WednesdayELA: Work on final draft (Butterflies In My Stomach). Final draft is due on Monday, Sept. 9, 2013.  (Submit your final draft in the following order-cover page, final draft, draft #2, draft #1, and peer editing checklist). SS-Analyze an ad featuring a celebrity. Write about the following questions: Why do you think the company may have chosen that particular star? Is the person a good match? Do you think the star uses the product they are promoting? Does the ad make you want to purchase the product?

ThursdayELA: Complete page 34 in Literature book (After You Read). Study for Amigo Brothers Selection Test by re-reading the text. S.S.-Current event with article attached.

Friday-Assessment on Amigo Brothers short story.

4th Grade:

Tuesday: ELA: Complete rough draft #1 (A Time You Were in a Pickle). Include figurative language and story elements: characters, setting, and plot.

Wednesday: S.S: Jr. Scholastic “Let Freedom Ring” (Write a reflection based on the discussion prompt)

ELA: Independent Reading Response Sheet (checking for understanding of text)

Thursday: S.S. Jr. Scholastic Magazine is due on Monday, Sept. 9th

ELA: Complete Rough draft #2 using Peer Editing Checklist (A Time you Were in a Pickle)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!